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Welcome to our monthly challenge.
Christmas is approaching once more, so this month I am asking for Christmassy graphics
which can later be offerred on this site for downloading.
Please make them animal based and in jpeg or gif format.
Please send your entries by 31st December. We will then vote for a winner.
You may enter up to 3 graphics and I will place them on this page as received.
Good Luck.   

Challenge winners receive this award and a listing below

APRIL 2001...   RED`S PLACE...                                       Created our home page logo
JULY 2001...     ALL CRITTERS GREAT & SMALL      Created the winning banner for banner swap
OCTOBER 2001... SPOTTY DOG DESIGN STUDIO    Created a Halloween poster
DEC 2001          ...  JUDY DOWD                                       Created a Christmas card graphic
FEB 2002          ...   JUDY DOWD                                       Created a Valentine`s Day card graphic
APRIL 2002      ...  JUDY DOWD                                        Created an Easter card graphic
MAY 2002     ...            ALL CRITTERS GREAT & SMALL  ...   Designed our new background

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Design a linking logo for this site.
No entries were received in time.
Please use the instant email form on our home page to send me a url for your graphic,
or so I can reply sending you my email address to send it to me this way.
I apologise for the inconvenience, but I have been excessively spammed in the past
due to publishing my email address on my websites.
I am now taking extra precautions to ensure I only hear from genuine website visitors.