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Since launching Animal Graphics group, there have been one or two members who have kept us going by participating in contests, sending in graphics, keeping in touch and generally helping the group remain a fun place to belong!
I feel it`s time active members were rewarded for their time and efforts, so I have introduced my new incentive scheme, "Member Of The Year".
This scheme should serve two purposes... to reward the most active member of the past year, and hopefully to encourage other members to participate more in order to have a chance of winning next year!
I would love to see more members become actively involved in the group... although our contests etc are just for fun, the more entries there are the better the competition becomes...after all, who really gets much enjoyment in winning a contest when there is possibly only one other entrant...sometimes even no others at all!
So, if You have been one of our most active members in the past this space... You could be the one who has done a little bit more than anyone else, and YOU could become our "Member Of The Year" !!!
What will you get ?... well, as I only run this group for fun in my spare time, obviously I can`t afford to offer actual prizes... but You will receive a special award for your website, and a whole section on this site for the entire year to come, dedicated to YOU.
Other members can send me awards and graphics especially for Your pages, there will be a special guest book just for your page, and of course there will be a link to your own website so others can come and see your personal work...

If this sounds good to You, and you haven`t yet been involved in the group activities very much, then now is the time to start...maybe next year it will be your turn to become "Member Of The Year"!!!
You will find out who won this year on or around January 1st 2003...
so don`t forget to come back then!...