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Study the digitally disguised photo below. Do you know what critter it is?
...HINT:  A popular pet!
Send me your answer by 31st December to enter.
Please use the instant email form on our homepage.
Winner/s will be announced at the end of the contest.
There is an award for winners as with other contests,
and a permanent listing on the winners list.
Good Luck  

DECEMBER 2001...    BRETT STONE...     Correctly identified "Robin Red Breast".    
JANUARY 2002...         TINA HARVEY...       Correctly identified "Ladybird/Ladybug".
FEBRUARY 2002... JUDY DOWD...      Correctly identified "Red Squirrel"
MARCH 2002...   JUDY DOWD, "MORLEY" and KWOK LILY... Correctly identified "Lamb"

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There were No correct entries for the November contest.
The answer was "Horse".