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...Usable Examples of our Members Designs...

On this page you will find a few samples of what you can expect on our members websites.
You may save and use these images but must give credit to the designer and link back to this site.
To save images simply right click, select "Save as" then complete the save.
Left Click on the name/title to visit the designer`s own site for more of their creations.
(Don`t forget to follow their rules and sign the guest book!)


You may submit up to 5 wallpaper images for this feature.
They must be your own work and you must be prepared for visitors to use them from this page on their sites. They can be already featured on your site or created especially for this page (or a combination of both).
Don`t forget to send images with your name or website title and URL.
"Dinos" is a design by
Siān Samuel, aged 6
using school clip art software
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